Regulations vary from town to town so we suggest you contact your local government office to find out
about the process for having food trucks at events. However, catering is allowed on most private
property in Monroe County.

Absolutely. This is a large chunk of our business. Please contact the trucks you are interested in to
discuss your options, as offering and prices will vary from business to business.

All of our trucks are fully self sufficient. We carry our own power source and water so we just need a
space to open our window and a hungry crowd. Depending on the size of your event you may want to
provide a place for people to eat and extra garbage receptacles.

Each truck that is a member of the Rochester’s Best Food Trucks team is an experienced and fully
licensed operation. We are licensed by the city of Rochester and have current Monroe County health
department certifications. Trucks are inspected and tested by both the Rochester Police Department
and Fire Department each year and are required to carry business liability insurance.

Trucks can typically serve 60-100 people an hour. A good rule of thumb is one truck per 200-300
people, depending on the length of your event. Keep in mind that if there will be other food available,
this will work directly against the truck owners, so please let them know.

Once you decide which trucks you would like to have, head over to the request a truck page and fill out
the form. The emails will automatically be sent to each truck owner, where they will be able to review
your request and contact you directly.

In our truck listing page you will find a variety of trucks with a number of different styles of food,
helping you to pick the perfect one for your event.

Just about everything!! Concerts, fundraisers, weddings, coroporate rewards, birthdays, graduations,
grand openings, festivals. You will find us wherever people need to eat.

Hiring a food truck is a great way to add exposure and excitement to your event, party or fundraiser.

Rochester’s Best Food Trucks is a group of food truck owners in the Greater Rochester area that are
passionate about bringing great food to the streets.

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