Since 2012 Roc City Sammich has been known for their “Pittsburgh-Style” creations…putting French Fries inside the Sammich, served on toasted Texas Toast, or Wrapped up in a 12″ flour tortilla. In addition, is our fresh hand-cut buttermilk fried chicken! Served in bite-size form with sauce, WingNutz, or as a Slider, several to choose from!

We have two trucks able to serve hundreds per truck at business lunches, parties, fundraisers, schools or find us on the street! New for 2019 is Drop-Off Catering!!

We Won The Food Truck Competition: 2018 NYS Fair People’s Choice Award



Sammiches served on Toasted Texas Toast, Wraps made with warm 12’ flour tortilla or served over half basket of seasoned shoestring French fries

All Sammiches/Wraps served with shoestring French fries inside!

Sammich/Wrap/Fry Menu

  • “Pittsburgh-Style”


    Choice of Pastrami, Shaved Rib-Eye, Smoked Turkey Breast, Breaded Eggplant or Chicken Breast heated and topped with provolone cheese, fries on & sweet coleslaw

  • Buffalo Chicken


    Grilled Chicken Breast, cheese, buffalo sauce, lettuce, fries on, tomato & ranch or blue cheese

  • Roc ‘N Philly


    Shaved Rib-Eye, cheese, green & red peppers, onion, lettuce, fries on & horseradish aioli

  • C-B-R


    Grilled Chicken Breast, cheese, Bacon, lettuce, fries on & creamy Ranch

  • The Rachel


    Pastrami & Smoked Turkey Breast, cheese, fries on, sweet coleslaw & thousand island

  • BBQ Bacon Chicken


    Grilled Chicken Breast, cheese, lettuce, fries on, bbq sauce, bacon & dill pickles

  • The Club


    Smoked Turkey Breast, cheese, lettuce, bacon, fries on, Tomato & honey-dijon aioli

  • Eggplanted


    Breaded Eggplant, cheese, green & red peppers, onion, lettuce, fries on, tomato & garlic parmesan sauce

Specialty Menu


Fresh hand-cut buttermilk fried chicken breast pieces with a side of seasoned shoestring French fries & choice of sauce served on the side

Garlic Parmesan – BBQ – Country Sweet – Teriyaki – Buffalo – Chipotle – Spicy Ginger – Mango Habanero

  • Cheezey Bacon Fries


    Basket of seasoned shoestring French fries topped with hot melted cheddar cheese & chopped bacon

  • Fried Pickle Chips


    Sliced dill pickle chips dipped in buttermilk, tossed in house chicken fry served with fries & house sauce

Sides Menu

  • Seasoned Shoestring French Fries



  • Basket ‘o Fries – Small Fries – Side of Fries



  • House-Made Macaroni Salad





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